Saturday, December 21, 2013

Swimsuit Basics #02 Lara and #07 Aphrodite

I tried to make the most of my Barbie Collector 4th reward and the free Christmas shipping.  I grabbed two Basics for their clothes, two cheerleaders, and a Barbie Look dress.  I wanted swimsuit dolls #02 and #07 because Mattel rarely releases green or orange clothes or shoes.  Both dolls arrived with wonky eyes, #02 has detritus embedded in the surface of her face, #07 has some in her leg, yuck.  #07 is almost identical to the denim one.  I don't mind the similarities between the dolls nearly so much as I mind the poor manufacturing quality.


ChampagneBarbie said...

Your lucky to be able to order straight from the barbie collector sites. I'm always jealous when American bloggers get the discounts since they don't do international shipping to australia. I would have to wait or order through ebay. I enjoy your site very informative and I like your basics and star doll purchases!

MissSpottyJane said...

The discounts do make it really easy to collect, the US gets some really good sales. I try to collect Jenny, but the shipping from Japan doubles the price of everything. Thanks for the compliment, I try to make my blog informative.