Thursday, October 18, 2012

AA Stardoll "Pretty n' Love Style 2"

I'm so glad to finally have this girl. I've been hunting for a good one since their release last December. There's a scratch in her right eyebrow, but I can tolerate it more than the other myriad types of defects I've seen.  Despite what Mattel seems to think, people really do care about messy face paint.  In my area, collectors quickly pick over new stock, and leave behind the messiest dolls.  Target had $7.50 Stardolls last week, but I passed, because the eyes were all horribly distorted.

I've got a Fashionista body saved for this girl, but I can't remember where I packed it away.


Tracy India said...

Congrats, she's beautiful! This girl is my favorite of the group. :)

D7ana said...

My congrats, too, MSJ, for your getting a nice doll with relatively decent fashion screenings. Whew.

malfalad79 said...

she's gorgeous!