Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jenny Friend Doll Ellie (Totoco Exclusive)

This girl was pretty cheap on Mandarake, because of her damaged box.  The doll is in perfect shape, I like it this way, so I don't feel guilty about removing her.  I love the purple eyes and yellow eyeshadow, which are very sweet and subtle in person.

She's a Totoco store exclusive, I think from around 1996-1997, because she uses an unmarked version of the 10th Anniversary Friend Doll box.  There's absolutely no marking on the box to give this edition a title, or even to name her "Ellie" on the box.

I'm so glad to finally have a nice Ellie, the best ones get snatched up quickly.  She's always been popular with adult collectors, and the current small Jenny playline hasn't included her for years.

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D7ana said...

Ellie was one of my favorites, too. Then I saw Lina, and Lina then became my favorite. Along with Kisara, Mitsuki, Naomi, and Shion. And one Tamaki.