Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hudson's Dirt Cheap mini Monster High Haul

I was in Louisiana for the Memorial Day weekend, so I stopped by Hudson's Dirt Cheap, because I'm a  Dirt Cheap addict.  I picked up three Monster High dolls for just a few dollars each, because the shoes and clothes alone were worth the price.

First was a complete Draculaura with detached legs, wearing Frankie's earrings.  She obviously didn't see much play before she broke and was returned.  Her Wal-Mart return receipt was still taped to the box.

Second is Home Ick Frankie, or what's left of her.  Somebody shoplifted the doll, but the locker, second fashion, stand, and little accessories remain.

Third is a Killer style Draculaura with only one arm, wearing 1st edition Draculaura's earrings, attached to a 1st edition card, which was inserted into a Clawdeen wig box.  The shirt is pretty worn out, but the other clothes look untouched.  Go figure.  I love Hudson's.

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