Thursday, April 19, 2012

2012 Fashionistas Summer and Raquelle

I bought these for the bodies, but once I got Raquelle out of the box and played with her hair, I like her enough to keep. That shirt has to go. I especially like Summer's boots. There are two other Fashionistas I got, but their pictures are on my sleeping computer. Everybody but Raquelle has already been stripped and beheaded.


D7ana said...

Raquelle is a lovely doll. I received her head from Rin of Cyano's Dolls. Just need to find a good body for her. ;-D

Thanks for sharing these photos.

Ms. Leo said...

I put my Raquelle on Rosie O's body to give myself a big girl with some sass! Raquelle is only pale fashionista body right now. I put Summer's body on SIS Marisa.

Dailey_Star said...

Love the bags!