Saturday, December 31, 2011

My favorite dolls of 2011

Here are my ten favorite dolls of 2011, in no particular order.

Target Basics #02 (Lara)

I think she's an unexpected mold and skin color choice. It's nice to mix things up. My only complaint is the lack of contrast between the skin and eyes.

Denim Basics #08 (Mbili)

This is a doll I didn't want until I saw it in person. The color palette is sweet and appealing. There's not much else to say for her.

Bratz Shadi

She's my favorite of the 10/10/10 Bratz, and since I never saw her in stores until a few weeks ago, she's a 2011 doll to me.

Bratz Ciara

I don't own this doll yet, but if I don't track down a good copy in person, I'll just buy her on eBay. The fashion and the doll are cute.

Dead Tired Ghoulia

She's pretty sweet for a shambling abomination of decaying flesh. I never thought Mattel would release a doll with a blood spattered fashion, wow! I love her.

2011 Japan Barbie

I need to restyle her hair. The bangs are so far back on the skull, she has to have some kind of updo. I love that yellow eyeshadow.

Green Lantern Barbie

She has such a simple face.

Stardoll in the red dress

AA Stardoll
I don't own her yet. Her face is lovely. Mattel hasn't released playline dolls this pretty in years.

Klimt Barbie

She's another unexpected kind of doll. I hope this series continues with more abstract dolls.

Happy New Years! This is an scheduled post, I'm probably lighting something on fire right now. Woo!

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D7ana said...

Thanks, Miss Spotty Jane! I enjoyed reading your review of your favorite 2011 dolls. I agree with you on most of them - sorry still can't do Bratz who have no noses, lol.

Super congrats on getting the Green Lantern Carol doll! Was she hard to get?