Monday, January 17, 2011

More from Wal-Mart II

And now the non-Mattel dolls.

Wal-Mart had an exclusive Liv that has a really nice face. She's on the right, compared to the Outdoor version on the left. I think the regular version is more photogenic, but the WM exclusive looks more natural in person.

An I finally get to see more of the new Bratz. I love both of these, but I'm not up for buying them.

And new-er-ish Bratz Rock dolls. The fashions are all so great.

And Moxie Teenz Bijou and her wonderful fashion. She even has trendy "copper" jewelry.

And finally, I love the prototype for this Moxie Girlz fashion, it's just not so great in execution.

I went for two things, and only got one. I got a DOTW Russia, but they were all sold out of wash-away fabric stabilizer. I guess I'll have to order a bolt online.

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