Friday, August 21, 2015

2015 Sparkle Girlz single fashions

The toy section is slowly resetting at Walmart, and they just put out two displays of Sparkle Girlz single fashions.  YAY!  I love a good clone.  Clone companies do the most with the budget they have, I can respect that.  These are just under $2 each, you get a fashion and shoes or a purse.

Nothing here is particularly excellent, but it is a diverse assortment.  The fabric choices were better when they were imitating Moxie Girlz, but I never saw those singles in a store.  The downside is they were all shot to death with those plastic mini tags.  Apparently they showed up months ago elsewhere, and there was a cool tropical orange and yellow print dress that's missing from the current run.

The starry dress is pretty decent for what it is, it has four fabrics and two trims.  The sequins on the tulle overlay are sewn on, and the tulle is hemmed.  Wow!

There's a maxi dress, it's folded back on itself on the card.  The cotton jersey is very thin, but the ruffle edge is overlocked.  It's decent.

Two beach outfits forgo the plastic accessory and give you a towel.

I'm almost positive that blue satin dress is an exact clone of something that was released several years ago, but I cannot place it.

The 90s are back in style again, I guess these are now fresh clone styles instead of dated.  The Mary Quant daisy on the micro mini is a nice touch.

Two fashions are made out of Cookie Monster.

Two fashions have a same-color lace overlay.

 Red jersey with dark blue denim is a nice deviation from pastels and neon pink.

These Sparkle Girlz "Fashion Boutique" gift sets have been out for months, but I'll talk about them anyway.  (EDIT:  Looks like everybody else saw them last year.  Go figure.)  This first set is kind of bogged down by the dress in the middle.  That pink polyester knit is the ultimate bad clone fabric, it frazzles just from the friction of your hands.
If you didn't get an owl shirt from Bratz, Monster high, or Barbie, here's your chance.  There's that sequin black fabric again. 

The only neon pink in this set is from one purse and shoes.  Nice.

This mega set showed up on the top shelf, a few weeks later they moved it to the clearance section.  10 fashions for $15, the middle dress is decent, but the fashions are mostly worse than the $2 singles or $9 5-pack.  The middle dress has ruched mesh over the bust, pretty good, if only the colors weren't obnoxious.


Anderson's All-Purpose said...

We only ever seem to get the boring pink fashion sets here. The denim sets look nice though, I'm hoping they show up here eventually.

MissSpottyJane said...

Good luck to you. The distribution seems very spotty.

Smaller Places said...

Hoo boy, distribution has been spotty!

Regardless, I like reading people's views on products as you come across them, so this was fun. My favorites out of the singles are the two longer dresses -- some of the short ones are very, very short on Liv or Fashionista bodies.