Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I'll be back soon, have some interesting Toy Fair picks.

Once my hands get cold, I lose my motivation to touch dolls until around March. Here's a quick rundown of new or forthcoming dolls I'm looking forward to.

The Kurhn line will introduce Barbie-like and Ever After High-like clones.  While the clothes look a bit hit or miss, I wouldn't mind owning one or two.  A new, more jointed body was debuted on some collector-priced cheongsam dolls.  The Disney-themed line has more additions, as well as the lovely collector dolls.  The new Disney and cheongsam dolls (or simply their 3rd generation bodies) are already on TaoBao, while the new Mattel clones haven't appeared yet.

Bandai America will produce a Dorothy Gale doll that seems reminiscent of My Scene.  The official photographs seem different from the Toy Fair examples.  There seems to be a pic of an earlier prototype here.  I don't really care for their Locksies, which combine Harumika's gimmick with a sort of Blythe look, but it's good to see Harumika continuing.

Popstar Club LLC is looking to beat M.G.A.E. at their own game with some Bratz look-alikes called The Beatrix Girls.  They genuinely look devious.  I want the instruments.

The Prettie Girls have finally arrived.  Mattel has an Ursula with real hair, and an evil Snow White Queen.

And now I'll return to my hibernation until the spring.

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D7ana said...

Thanks for the Toy Fair links, MSJ!

I hope to get some of the Prettie Girls and I like the look of that Bandai Dorothy and Toto. Are the Bandai heads really big.

Hope your fingers are thawed out - it's been a wretched winter on the East Coast. So glad to see signs of Spring emerge ;-)