Saturday, May 25, 2013

My roaming cell phone pictures return.

Yay!  I made a mistake by not hoarding up Monster High while I was down south, because my local stores are still stuck in 2012.  How frustrating.

Roller Maze Abbey is the closest thing to new I see.  She has a sleek look, but I don't feel like I need another Abbey while I already have two almost identical ones.  Those two looked distinctive in stores, but at home it wore off, the same might be true for this one.

This Lagoona also has an interesting hair style, a bit OOAK.
I'm not dead yet.  Most of my doll time is currently spent taking stuff out of storage and weeding through it, boxing, photographing, and eBaying the stuff I don't "need" anymore.


Dollz4Moi said...

I bought the RM Abbey and slotted the 1st one for the boot..LOL. I like RM because she doesn't have the colored streamers or tinsel in her hair. RM Abbey is the one I have love for.

MissSpottyJane said...

I didn't realize that RM has no tinsel. That's actually a good reason to get her.