Saturday, September 29, 2012

LSU Cheerleader Barbie AA version

Rush of Rose Gold Barbie was my 2nd quarter BC purchase, and LSU Cheerleader Barbie was my 3rd quarter purchase.  I was going to hold out and buy this girl in person, but I won't visit LSU country until around Christmas, and I couldn't wait that long.  I only intend to keep the doll, the outfit will go, not because I'm that hard up for cash, but because I really don't care about team sports.

Mattel hasn't used the 1990 Nichelle head mold for a doll in ages.  This is the first and only doll I have with it, because I'm not too crazy about the 1990s face painting styles.  She looks as lovely and modern as any of the SIS girls.

The eyes on mine aren't quite centered properly on the face, but the eyes are both well done, so it's more forgivable.  Both eyes are about the same size, with the same amount of white on either side of the iris.  Compared to some of the messy Basics I've seen, LSU Barbie is very well off.

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D7ana said...

Thanks for sharing these photos. Love the natural, unmade-up look this doll has. And those sneakers are super cute.

I have a few dolls with this Nichelle face mold - from the 1990s and early 2000s. I don't care for the liquidy eyes of the 1990 dolls either. But the ones I have aren't too bad. Avon Representative, 101 Dalmations, etc.