Saturday, August 25, 2012

Robecca Steam

Last week, I dragged myself to Wal-Mart, and somehow met a nice Mattel employee back in the toy section, who had one of the stock people bring out the new Monster High shipment just for me.  It was heaven.  They had a perfect Robecca Steam, so I grabbed her up.

She's so pretty, I can't bring myself to take her out of the box.  She has some of the best shoes the line has released so far.  She also has that great bright blue hair the skeleton girl CAM wig uses as a highlight.  It's a lovely color, and I don't think Dollyhair or Katsilk have that shade in any fiber type.

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D7ana said...

Congratulations on your new doll. She is lovely. Nice hair color and complexion match. I don't think I have seen this color on any other doll, even the Takara Jenny blue-haired boys.