Saturday, July 2, 2011

Info from the BC Designers Chat

Basics 3.0 will probably be the final Basics line, and that's the biggest (and saddest) news to me. The 2.5 dolls will be much more limited than the others, and may be a Barbie Collector and dealer exclusive.

Dolls "in the works":
  • A followup to Goddess of the Galaxy
  • Holiday Hostess #3
  • Another precious metal doll, 4th in the series after Pinch of Platinum
  • Gold Label repros, with an exciting "new idea"
  • another fantasy doll by Linda Kyaw "Thought you guys might be tired of the goddesses?"
  • Possibly more landmark dolls
  • Traditional Silkstones for 2012
Dolls not "in the works":
  • more Farrah dolls
  • more Harley Davidson
  • more vintage-styled TV dolls
  • more Silkstones for 2011, everything has already been announced

I'm not very excited. I don't do Silkstones or $100 Barbies. The only really interesting tidbit to me was this line from Robert Best:

"We are currently in discussion with a new and exciting designer who will be designing a brand new series of AA designer high-end dolls. But I can't say anything more than that. "

Oh boy!

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