Monday, May 16, 2011

Taishan Barbie Museum and Meining

This just popped up on YouTube a few days ago.

Remember the Taishan Barbie Museum?

Former Mattel factory workers now have their own original doll to dress, Meining. It looks like her promotion started in late 2010, and the dolls are all OOAK.

There are other video reports.
2011-04-23-民視異言堂-3-台灣芭比 美寧娃娃.avi
2011-04-23-民視異言堂-4-台灣芭比 美寧娃娃.avi
They have their own YouTube channel.

Articles with pictures.
為什麼是C CUP的美寧姑娘
泰山美寧工坊 台灣娃娃故鄉

Meining Workshop
is the official website.

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