Friday, April 15, 2011

Clone Roundup

My doll shopping today was a total bust. I checked out the clones, so I at least feel accomplished in some way.

I started at K-Mart with their Just Kidz line.

Oh, no. Mardi Gras was last month, girls.

A "Mustang" and clone. They only had an opened one left.

These My Scene clones aren't remarkable in any way, except that official My Scene is long dead.

Then I went to Big Lots.

These Fashion Corner sets by Lucky are nothing to get worked up over, but the AA doll is a cutie. I will buy her if individual dolls show up.

Teacher set.

Pet's Vet set

She really does have a huge forehead, but I can forgive that.

Fashion Corner deserves kudos for having their own AA headmold. Most clones re-use everything to keep costs low. Here's the Caucasian version, a standard cheap clone.

The Chic Boutique dolls get cheaper every year, poor things.

Now they're down to only one pet friend.

I liked the colors of this one. She's less garish than the others.

And there are Kari Michell play sets on the top shelf.

The baby has a cute open-mouth mold.

And the "Vet Doctor" set.

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Stary_Zgred said...

Those black clones are really cute, but I didn't like any of the blondes. They have scary faces.