Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Gmarket experience.

I managed to match up the hangul characters in the drop down menu, and ordered two Mimis from this seller page. They offered free shipping within Korea, and promptly mailed my package to the Gmarket re-shipping address. With the initial payment to Gmarket, I had to include roughly $20 for the estimated EMS international shipping.

The only problem with Gmarket's re-shipping service is that they don't re-pack. They toss your box(es) into a larger box and mail that. After they had boxed my box, I had to pay an extra $5~ish, because the initial EMS estimate was too low.

Still, everything came quickly. Here is a basic search for 미미 (Mimi) on Gmarket. You can refine it by navigating through the categories.

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