Thursday, October 14, 2010

Random Doll links with lots of pics

I'm just sitting here, waiting for my allergy medication to kick in. Now's a great time for links.

Light Room
Have you ever seen a Momoko with rooted eyelashes? Now you can!

Doll Show 29
Tokyo Doll Show 29
I went to Doll Show 29. 1st Part 1st half personal dealers.
2nd Part 2nd half personal dealers
3rd Part Azone and private owners
Doll Show 29 Autumn Report 10
Doll Show 29 #1
Doll Show 29 #2
These are from September, but better late than never. It looks like Dollfie Dream and the pre-made Azone 1/6 tween girls have really taken over. These dolls are not my preference, but I'm glad to see something different.

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