Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nobody is kidding when they call it EvilBay.

I sold an item. I got the payment on Monday. I double checked everything--there were no special requests. I printed the label on Monday, and set a pick-up for Tuesday.

The mailman picked the box up on Tuesday.

Before today, Wednesday, I probably visited my eBay seller page ten times.

This morning, I notice that there's an unanswered question on one of my items. It's a note that was attached with the Monday payment, asking me to please pack the item well, send a tracking number, and write the auction number on the outside of the box.

Ugh! I paid eBay several dollars for this transaction, is a functional website too much to ask? The buyers first two requests were done by default, but now I feel a bit foolish because I couldn't fulfill such a basic request. I apologized, and hope it doesn't cause any trouble for the buyer.

Ugh, eBay. Ugh! They dock sellers for shipping speed and communication, but can't guarantee that their own communication system will work.

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