Monday, May 3, 2010

Anna Umemiya doll

I thought I posted about this, but I guess I forgot. This doll has been floating around online stores for a while, but never with good pictures. I broke down and bought one last spring, it was a huge disappointment. It's not an attractive or salvageable doll at all, though the lined faux fur coat may be worth the $10 total I spent on it.

My pictures don't make it look as bad as it really is. It's also so old that the package is discoloring.


Ms. Leo said...

We have all had that happen! At least you have the lined faux fur coat. You might have paid more for that if you purchased it separately. We all need some background dolls... the coat check girl, the waitress, the maid or someone standing in the back of a diorama.

smidge girl said...

Eek! Well, she does have an interesting face sculpt. Maybe a repaint? Or body swap her and make her a man!